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It is a wonderful feeling to be understood by another person. Someone who gets you and understands you. Someone who appreciates you at the deepest level.

Have you ever felt completely understood by someone? Do you remember how that was like? How did that affect your relationship?

Being fully understood by someone and then showing understanding to them doesn’t just happen. It takes time, energy, a little skill, and the willingness to trade places.

Let us be your guide if you are a woman around 50+ …

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  • Christina has the gift of compassion and caring. Her coaching comes from a deeply centered place of wisdom. I am immediately at ease in her presence and eager to share because I feel heard and acknowledged during our coaching. She helps me find my own way in my marriage and improve my self-confidence. She guides me and stands shoulder to shoulder with me as I move forward.

    -Dena F., NY
  • As I met Christina I was stuck in a job where I only had problems with some of my co-workers. Christina helped me identify the source of the problems. She created an action plan for me to learn how to interact with my colleagues without the constant stress I had been experiencing. It was “life-saving” to say the least. Thank you Christina for all your support.

    -Suzanne G., TX
  • I couldn’t say enough good things about Christina as a coach. My life was a mess as I started working with Christina. Her coaching is direct yet she took a very gentle approach to working with me. Solid sound advice always left me with hope after every session with her.

    -Bonnie L., CO
  • Christina was the first coach I ever worked with. A friend of mine recommended her to me. Christina is the real deal. She helped me work through my “feeling stuck” in just a few sessions. I thought it would take a lot longer. Working with Christina was honestly one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

    -Barbra K., NJ
  • I was a bit skeptical at first to hire a coach. The first consultation gave me enough trust and confidence to work with Christina. Christina taught me how to communicate better with my wife. She helped me to understand where my wife is coming from. Christina has a very direct style and provided me with concrete ways in which I can improve my relationship with my wife. I am very grateful to her for what she has done for me and my marriage.

    -Martin W., AZ